"Kasha provided me with a beautiful and helpful reading. The messages she delivered confirmed those I have received in the past- in some cases with the exact images and words. This specificity in her reading validated the messages' divine source and Kasha's gift of connecting with my life purpose. Her guidance was uplifting, and provided a tremendous sense of relief. I came away with a renewed sense of hope and feeling of divine support on my path." -Maureen Mann, MA

"Kasha’s reading for me was very in-depth and detailed. I deeply resonated with the messages she shared and the information that came through was so accurate. I feel very grateful for the guidance I received and I definitely took her advice to heart. She delivers the messages with such love and compassion and I felt truly uplifted and inspired after her reading. Kasha is a truly talented healer, teacher and reader and I can highly recommend her services.” -Emma Lundwall Segerstrom, Switzerland

"Kasha Glazebrook is an amazing Earth Angel who delivers insight, truth and wisdom in her readings. When one has a question, being specific in what you are asking for I have found that in her readings more is given that the individual is ready to hear. I highly recommend Kasha for readings and for all that she has to offer for the insight and message or messages are spot on. I rate her readings as five stars." -Janet L. Hatch, Salt Lake City, UT